Dear Club Members:

The Culver City Democratic Club understands that you are disheartened and disappointed by the election of Donald Trump. We further understand that you are apprehensive about the direction our country will take under a Trump Administration.

While you have every right to have these feelings, the time has now come to move forward. From this day forward, the message of the Democratic Party must be based on growth within our communities and we believe the type of growth to focus on is economic development for everyone and for every region of the country. We must embrace the interests of working men and women and distance ourselves from “Wall Street” by focusing on job growth, higher wages, affordable higher education, and health care for all Americans.

We must pursue these goals while resisting the attempts by our president-elect to divide us, keeping in mind President Obama’s words from his farewell address: “the long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all and not just some.”

For those of you who believe in these principles and are looking for a constructive way to respond to the election, I invite you to register/renew your membership to the Culver City’s Democratic Club for 2017. As a member of the Democratic Club, you can join with likeminded Democrats to rebuild the Democratic Party and oppose the destructive policies of the Trump Administration. In addition, you have the opportunity to hear interesting speakers address a variety of topics. In past years, we have had discussions on topics such as healthcare reform, gun control, fracking and the environment, the affect of big money on the political process, ballot propositions, and candidate forums for federal, state, and local races, including city council and the school board.

The Democratic Club has a strong track record in supporting winning candidates and issues. In the last city council election, two of the three candidates that the Democratic Club supported won. In the most recent school board election, the candidate the Democratic Club supported won. In addition, in last year’s general election, the voters of California sided with the Democratic Club on most propositions. Finally, the Democratic Club was successful on 100% of the local Culver City ballot issues on last years’ ballot.

In conclusion, I look forward to welcoming new people to, and former members back to the Culver City Democratic Club, your new home away from home. For those of you who were members in 2016 and have already renewed your membership, please consider making an additional contribution in any amount. We will need all the funds we can get to oppose the destructive policies of the Trump Administration.

Please join us on an exciting journey to reshape politics for the better at every level of government. For information about membership, please contact our Membership Secretary, Diane Rosenberg at 310-398-5328 or her email at dianeherb713@msn.com .

We look forward to hearing from you!


Culver City Democratic Club