Club Members Cheer Supervisor Holly Mitchell’s Re-election Bid


On November 1 Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell announced her run for re-election to represent the roughly 2 million voters of the 2nd District surrounded by cheering supporters. 

Officials of the Sierra Club were among those on hand who cited her work in phasing out oil and gas drilling in the Inglewood oil field and promoting a just transition for jobs that are safe for workers and for the surrounding community.  Susanna Reyes, a Sierra Club national political co-lead, called Holly “One of the Sierra Club’s strongest allies”. Allison Chin, president of the national Sierra Club, praised Holly’s environmental leadership that has made Los Angeles County a model county for the nation.

Culver City Council Member Freddy Puza called her Culver City’s “fierce ally” for phasing out the Inglewood oil field, as well as a “staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities.” He said “Her values are equity and justice. No one should be discarded.”

Mike Bonin, former LA City Council member and serving “Forward 55” ADEMS delegate, called Holly “the most awesome bad-ass legislator.”

In seeking a second term, Supervisor Mitchell spoke of her vision for a Los Angeles County where Angelenos can “grow up and thrive and grow old with dignity.” To that end, the County must address multigenerational poverty. We must decide that 80,000 people living on the streets (the fastest growing number of them being senior-age women) is unacceptable. (Hint: “No Parking” signs are not a solution.) 

We need to build out a world-class system of public transportation. Her vision cannot be achieved in one four-year term. “If it were easy, we would have figured it out a long time ago.”