Delegates Unanimously Pass Historic Permanent Ceasefire Resolution at Los Angeles County Central Committee


On March 13, Los Angeles County Central Committee passed a historic resolution unanimously, calling for a permanent ceasefire. The text appears below. This is particularly impactful as this county central committee is the largest in the state and nation, and authors from different sides of the aisle were able to work together on this resolution.

Statement from Mike Miller, Director of UAW Region 6 (a sponsor of the resolution): “UAW Region 6 is proud to sponsor the resolution urging our elected leaders to call for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, the freeing of hostages and support for  lasting peace. In response to the overwhelming outcry from our membership, the UAW as one of the first major unions to call for a permanent ceasefire, and we remain resolute in standing against violence, hatred, bigotry and war and using every tool at our disposal to achieve peace for the working people of the world.”

Statement from Margie Hoyt, AD 66 delegate and co-author: “To me, this is about not having genocide on our watch. The killing must stop. LACDP did what the CDP should have done in Sacramento in November. Let this be the beginning of a real peace movement.”

Statement from Susie Shannon, AD 46 delegate and co-author: “The unanimous vote tonight at the LACDP, which represents over 3 million Democrats, for a mutual permanent ceasefire, sends a strong message that the people want the fighting to stop and for peace to prevail. The resolution was written by all women authors from divergent views who found common ground in ending Hamas’ rule in Gaza and supporting new elections in Israel so that reasonable people can end the senseless violence.”

Statement from Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, Chair of the CADEM Progressive Caucus and co-author of the resolution “77 percent of Democrats support the US calling for a permanent ceasefire- with the upcoming general election, achieving peace is a winning issue for Democrats and peace is something we can all agree on- we showed that today by unanimously passing through the LACDP body, a permanent ceasefire resolution. It speaks to the power of getting progressive priorities done when we not only hold the line, but are willing to listen and work together for the greater good.”

Statement from Jacintha Lincke, AD 40 delegate and co-author: “We are tired of tax dollars paying to massacre people. Our voices echo the voices of all our constituents- permanent ceasefire now- nothing else is acceptable.”

Resolution Calling for a Humanitarian, Permanent Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to Pave the Way for Peace and New Governance for the People of Gaza.

WHEREAS, on October 7, 2023, the worst terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas and other armed groups resulted in more than 200 hostages being taken captive, and deaths of 1,163 Israelis; and the ensuing Israeli military assault on Gaza has resulted in the deaths of a record number of civilians in modern history- more than 30,000 Gazans – including at least 11,500 children – in 125 days, over 300 medical workers and over 100 journalists, over 69,000 Gazans wounded, and over 7,000 missing under the rubble; and Palestinian civilians experiencing a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions in amputation, disease, malnourishment, starvation, shelter; and WHEREAS, All human life is precious, and the targeting of civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law, which we unequivocally condemn wherever it occurs and this includes the Israeli right-wing’s targeting and dehumanization of Palestinians and Hamas’ deliberate targeting of Jewish and foreign civilians, both with impunity, has pulled Israelis and Palestinians further apart from reaching a two state solution and put Palestinians in harm’s way over and over again; and WHEREAS, more than 200 labor unions including SEIU International, Communication Workers of America, UAW, UE, American Postal Workers Union, Painters and Allied Trades, National Nurses United, and member organizations of the AFL-CIO, 34 congressional representatives, the World Health Organization, United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, His Holiness Pope Francis, 70 US cities, the San Francisco County Democratic Committee have called for a ceasefire and President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are actively working towards a ceasefire; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the LACDP joins the calls for, and urges our Democratic elected leaders to call for, a mutual permanent ceasefire to make way for Palestinians to build a new democratic future in governing Gaza without Hamas; life-saving humanitarian aid in Gaza; the release of all Israeli hostages taken by Hamas; ensure that all Palestinians that are held have a fast and fair trial and are released immediately if not convicted; end of Hamas’s rule in Gaza; work toward an Israeli government that supports self-determination; freedom and opportunities for the Palestinian people; and for Israelis and Palestinians to progress toward the implementation of a mutually negotiated durable peace based on a two state solution.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the LA County Democratic Party is aware of the acts of violence, vandalism and intimidation against the Palestinian and Jewish diaspora in the United States, and condemns all antisemitism, Islamophobia, and anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli bigotry.