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General Meeting Minutes for June 12

Meeting called to order 7:04pm.

The meeting will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order.

Darryl moves that we accept the minutes as is. John seconds. Motion approved.

 Treasury Report (Eric Fine): Ending Balance $4662.96. 

Membership Report (Diane Rosenberg) 124 members and 13 lifetime members. (137 total)

Corresponding Secretary (Cynthia Hart) : Nothing new to report. If anyone has contacts that can be useful to the club, please share with her.

The Club takes nominations from the floor for potential delegates to the LACDP Pre-Endorsement Conference.

Nominees are Darryl Cherness, Amy Cherness, Carlene Brown, John Williams, Robert Leahy, Sylvia Moore, Diane Rosenberg, and Andy Rosenberg

We hear speeches from candidates.

Ballots are cast. Eric Fine, Cynthia Hart and Andrew Lachman will count the vote.

Three people definetly won seats: Sylvia Moore (27 votes), Carlene Brown (17 votes) and Diane Rosenberg (17 votes)

Tie between Amy Cherness, Darryl Cherness, and Robert Leahy at 16 votes each. A runoff vote is held.

Robert Leahy (18 votes) and Amy Cherness (17 votes) won the runoff.

Endorsement vote on three bills (SB 47 – Petition Disclose Act; SB 636 – Ballot Disclose Act; AB 1217 – Issue Ad Disclose Act) will be postponed until the July general meeting.

Announcements are made.

Disa announces rent freeze being implemented temporarily. Rick Tuttle moves that Culver City Democratic Club votes to support the rent freeze at City Council meeting June 24. Robert Leahy seconds. The Club votes. The motion is approved unanimously.

Program: A report of California’s Democratic Convention by those  involved: Leah Pressman, Jeanna Harris, Rick Tuttle, Andrew Lachman, Shannon Theus, Cynthia Hart, Robert Leahy 

Darryl moves that we adjourn. Meeting adjourns at 9:15pm 


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