Former CCDC President Lee Sanders has passed away


The Culver City Democratic Club is saddened to announce the recent death of immediate past President Lee Sanders. Lee died peacefully on Friday, Aug. 29, after a year-long battle with cancer. Lee was a great Democrat and union member who advocated for labor issues, single payer health care and other progressive causes. He loved to keep club members informed by sharing and distributing articles from his favorite magazines at our meetings. And as a retired projectionist, he shared his love of film by donating movie posters to our club fundraisers.

Even though he was ill, Lee still contributed as much as he could to his duties as club president and did a wonderful job. However, Lee had to step down from his position in July to focus on his health. At the August General Meeting, the club presented Lee with a plaque thanking him for his tireless service to the CCDC, the Democratic Party and the progressive movement. Below is a photo of Lee (third from right) flanked by past Presidents of the CCDC, (l-r) Darryl Cherness, Diane Rosenberg, Tom Camarella, Ronnie Jayne, Bill Wynn and First Vice President/Acting President Sylvia Moore.



At the Sept. 9 meeting of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee, Chair Eric Bauman adjourned in Lee’s memory. Tonight’s CCDC General Meeting will also adjourn in Lee’s honor. Lee was a lovely man and we will all miss him.

Sylvia Moore