LACDP Central Committee Candidate Statements


Vilma Dawson:

Assembly District 55 Delegate, March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee

I am currently an appointed delegate representing Assembly District 55 of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee selected by the Delegation to succeed the late Jacquelynn Hawthorne.

I am also a member of the California State Democratic Party Executive Committee (CADEM) appointed to the Credentials Committee and recently participated in the 2023 Organizing convention, Executive Board meeting and the November Endorsing convention in Sacramento.

I’ve been active in local Democratic politics as an Alternate for the Assembly District including the 2016 presidential election cycle, the 2021 campaign to defeat the Newsom recall, the 2020 presidential campaign supporting the Biden-Harris ticket, and most recently the election of Karen Bass as the present Mayor of Los Angeles in 2022.

As an elected Delegate for Assembly District 55, the top policy areas where I would like to make a particular contribution in the political process at local and national levels are:

1. Reduction of gun violence – although California is a state that has stringent gun laws,we are experiencing a higher levels of mass shootings in public places across the country including Los Angeles County; ban assault weapons and limit the sale of high capacity ammunition;

2. Identification of local opportunities to leverage the $45B infrastructure investment in the state of California from the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Assemblymember Bryan’s California Justice 40 Act;

3. Redevelopment of South Los Angeles/plan – As a previous asset manager of real estate portfolios in both for profit and non-profit environments, with experience managing affordable housing portfolios, I have an interest in the City’s plans for not only development of housing but commercial and industrial businesses development as it can favorably impact the black wealth gap in our communities;

4. Increasing the representation of people of color and progressive jurists in judicial nominations and judicial appointments in the U.S. District court circuit.

I respectfully ask for Culver City Democratic Club’s endorsement as a candidate for the AD 55 Delegation in the upcoming March 5, 2024 primary election.

Thank you,

Vilma Dawson

Jeff Schwartz:

While I was thinking about what to write for this statement, I got an email inviting me to the LACDP Holiday Fundraiser. Sponsors include DoorDash, the Cruise driverless car company, and Rick Caruso. That’s why I’m running. Democrats must not become the party of union-busting corporations, killer robots, and anti-choice billionaires.

I have had the honor of being this Club’s President for the last three years. If elected to LACDP Central Committee, I hope to bring the same combination of progressive values, serious and thoughtful discourse, and practical organizing to that role.