May Endorsements – Candidate Background Briefing


At our last meeting Club members decided that the Los Angeles City Council runoffs in November were important enough that we should vote on endorsements. At our Club meeting on May 8 we will consider endorsement in three Los Angeles City Council Districts (2, 10, and 14) and two Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge races (135 and 137). LAist compiled a useful guide to guides for voters if you would like to look up candidate recommendations.

We won’t have time to hear from Los Angeles City Councilmember candidates in depth at our May meeting, so I highly recommend you give a listen to the candidate interviews by former City Councilmember Mike Bonin on his podcast, What’s Next Los Angeles with Mike Bonin. Bonin was a journalist before he was a city council member. His questions are grounded in his lived experience from his time as a former staffer and elected official. I found his interviews really helpful in getting to know candidates Heather Hutt, Jillian Burgos, and Ysabel Jurado

I couldn’t find similar in-depth interviews of the other candidates, but, to hear Adrin Nazarian, Kevin DeLeon and Grace Yoo, check out the LA City Council District forums from LA Forward and KidScoop Media. In the LA Forward Council District 2 forum, Adrin Nazarian makes an opening statement, discusses Public Safety, Social Housing, Climate, City Council Expansion, and gives a closing statement. In the LA Forward Council District 10 forum, Grace Yoo makes an Opening Statement, and discusses Public Safety, Social Housing, Council Expansion, Mobility, Climate, and makes a closing Statement. 

Or watch our Club video of the CD 10 Candidate forum. 

Here are their websites:

CD 2
Jillian Burgos
Adrin Nazarian
In the CD2 race, former Culver City Mayor Daniel Lee and current Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin have endorsed Jillian Burgos; Culver City School Board VP Triston Ezidore has endorsed Adrin Nazarian

CD 10
Grace Yoo
Heather Hutt
In the CD 10 race, Culver City Council member Albert Vera has endorsed Heather Hutt (her website says “Alex Vera” so this may not be correct) 

CD 14
Ysabel Jurado
Kevin DeLeon
In the CD4 race, former Culver City Mayor Daniel Lee and Culver City School Board member Stephanie Loredo have endorsed Ysabel Jurado

Superior Court office 135
Georgia Huerta
Steven Mac
Video of Stephen Mac at the CCDC

Superior Court office 137
Tracey Blount
Luz Herrera