President’s Message by Bill Wynn, November 2013


Answers are Found in Common Unity

New CCDC President Bill Wynn addresses the audience.

When you think about the word community what definition comes to mind? One source defines that word as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, and goals.”

I made an interesting discovery after breaking down the word into two parts, community means “common unity.” There is a shared goal, or a desired outcome which is common to the whole.

Regardless of our differences we all want basically the same things – clean air and water, fresh food, access to quality education, transportation, medical care, housing, and entertainment. We want to feel safe, loved, appreciated, respected, and cared for.

As Culver City continues to advance to world class status, as one of America’s most progressive cities, it is important that we maintain our common center. As exciting as it is to think of the big sweeping plans for our future, it is important that we maintain a sense of community. It is important that we not only be known for our wonderful downtown business district and our planned billion-dollar development for the rest of the city, but how we treat each other.

Like any good city, we want people who live and visit to have a sense that this is a warm and welcoming place. We want to be seen as a community that looks after its seniors, protects children, and allows people freedom to create and fulfill their dreams. We want people to say how nice the people are in Culver City, and to feel honored and respected. We can have a reputation as a city that cares as well as enjoys all the wonderful amenities offered by a bustling economy. We really can have it all.

As our city moves more into the limelight, everyone who lives or works here will have an opportunity to make Culver City a great place to live and work. Government can’t be the only entity responsible for creating a good quality of life. It will depend on all of us.

So much can be accomplished if we are willing to use our people power. There are resources available all over the city in the form of government, nonprofits, schools, churches, and companies. Let’s listen more closely to what people in this city have to say.