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Monday, October 18, 2021
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health care

We still need ACA 2.0: “Medicare for All”

by Sylvia Moore At the March 11 General Meeting, the Culver City Democratic Club voted in favor of joining the AllCare Alliance movement for universal health...

President’s Message by Sylvia Moore, March 2015

Housing in Los Angeles County is now unaffordable even for those residents in the middle class. One needs to make at least $33/hour to...

Upcoming 49th Anniversary of Medicare Events

2014 Summer Garden Party, Saturday, July 26 from 3-5pm at the the home of Joan Pirkle Smith. For more details go to www.laborforhealthcare.org and click on...

President’s Message by Bill Wynn, October 2013

We have witnessed five years of political grid- lock coming to a head with the recent shutdown of the government as the nation prepares to...

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