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President Obama

President’s Message by Sylvia Moore, February 2015

President Obama’s State of the Union address last month was the moment many Democrats were waiting for: a full- throated endorsement of liberal, Democratic ideas....

President’s Message by Bill Wynn, June 2013

Our Era of Political Extremism Last year James Porter, the recently elected president of the National Rifle Association, declared that President Barack Obama was a "fake...

President’s Message by Bill Wynn, April 2013

Spring is upon us. Youth, chance and motion come to mind. There is a limbering up of the muscles, freshly awoken from cold inactivity. There...

President’s Message by Bill Wynn, December 2012

Seasons Greeting to All What a wonderful time of year to share food, fun and fellowship with family and friends. But more importantly we can unleash...

President’s Message by Bill Wynn, November 2012

Everyone always says that whatever the current election is, it's the most important election ever, and they're always right. This year is no exception, it...

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