President’s Message by Bill Wynn, November 2012


Everyone always says that whatever the current election is, it’s the most important election ever, and they’re always right. This year is no exception, it is the most important election ever.

The issues and stakes are by now well known: jobs, the economy, the environment, civil rights, civil liberties, labor union protections, women’s right to choose and equal pay, poverty, the ballooning income and wealth inequality gap, and the issues of war and peace. This demands a leader in the White House who can meet the nation’s present and future colossal challenges.

President Barack Obama is the clear choice for the next four years to represent these United States of America. I believe that President Obama is the best person to finish the work that he has started especially when it comes to foreign relations, energy, immigration, unemployment, and more. President Obama has, in the face of all kinds of low-down dirty tactics from the Republican Party, demonstrated his ability to stand in the midst of battle. This is a person we need in the White House to fight for the people, all people.

Mitt Romney’s agenda is to turn back the hands of time whereby the have and have not chasm will be widened so much so that America will be like a third world nation with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. His administration will not be Bush II as some fear. It will more akin to Ronald Reagan. He will govern from the right center, but it’s the right part of it that’s lethal. There’s no guesswork about how lethal it will be. A senior Romney advisor ticked off what Romney will do as early as his day one in the White House. He will further bloat military spending, potentially ignite a tariff and trade war with China, give even more of the company store away to the environmentally damaging fossil fuel (oil, coal and gas) industries, radically expand school choice that guts spending on public education, hack away the feeble, and haphazardly enforced bank and financial industry regulations, torpedo the Affordable Care Act, and shave taxes for corporations and the super-rich even more.

With a freshly energized Tea Party , ultra conservatives, and Christian evangelicals providing strong headwind for Romney, he will wink and nod at the renewed assault on affirmative action, voting rights and equal opportunity employment laws, the mounting of a full force attack on abortion and women’s rights (including equal pay), and labor union protections. These can be added to Romney’s action list after his day one.

Therefore I make my case for the reelection of President Barack Obama on November 6, 2012.

As for Culver City residents, Measure Y, the local sales tax measure that will raise the levy a half-cent has been endorsed by the Culver City Democratic Club. Additionally, there are eleven State Propositions on the ballot, plus the county has measures on the ballot. The voters will be also choosing a new District Attorney for L.A. County.

This is what is at stake for this election which is too important to sit out.

I believe that the best days are ahead of us, not behind us.