When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Busy


Culver City Democratic Club members get it done at the monthly Work > Worry Wednesday

Wednesdays are a good day to save American democracy. On June 5, Culver City Democratic Club members Patrick Meighan and Amy Thiel hosted the third of their monthly “Work > Worry Wednesday” postcarding nights! Club members Pete Rockwell, Cynthia Hart, Mike Ames, Eric Paesel, Bronwyn Jamrok, Linda Childs, Greg Maron, Lisette Palley, Leah Pressman, Disa LIndgren, and Kenny Stevenson were among the 42 people (along with a couple of young helpers) who put down their cell phones for a couple of hours and got busy doing the work of saving the future of this “America.” 

Patrick and Amy treated us all to Thai food from Natalee Thai, and cake pops from Sweet E’s Bake Shop, and, oh yeah, we reached out to voters all over the country in an effort to save America from ending. Which is a nice side benefit, for those of us who care about America.

This was the third of a series of gatherings that will take place every first Wednesday of the month until November.

By the end of the night we had handwritten 425 postcards to Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin voters, and completed 205 letters to voters in five different swing states, for a total of 630 handwritten pieces of voter outreach. Those letters will be stockpiled until mid-October, when they’ll be sent out in a big ol’ mail bomb. The postcards go out right away.

Six hundred and thirty direct, handwritten, personalized voter outreach contacts is not too shabby, for one night’s work!

You are all invited to join us! The next Work > Worry Event will be on July 3, 5pm-7pm, and every first Wednesday of the month until the election! RSVP to patsweetpat@gmail.com for the address!