March 3rd, 2015 Election Results

Election Presidential Us Usa  - Tumisu / Pixabay
Tumisu / Pixabay

Congrats to Culver City Democratic Club endorsed LACCD Board candidates Andra Hoffman, Sydney Kamlager, Scott Svonkin and Mike Fong!

The following results of the March 3rd election are from LA City’s final bulletin from March 4th @ 1:32AM. Culver City voting precincts have been included in the overall LA City results so we won’t know how Culver City voted until the full results are released later in March. We do know who won and what the turnout has been.

All of the Culver City Democratic Club endorsed candidates for the LA Community College Board of Trustees were elected.

Voter turnout was 8.62% within the City of LA and 5.49% outside the City of LA. 54% of all voters used Vote-by-Mail.

LACCD Board of Trustees Results:

Seat #1: Winner -Andra Hoffman 34.79%

Andra Hoffman is leading over Francesca Vega 34.79% (61,307) vs 34.48% (60,762). Vega outperformed Hoffman in cities outside LA by 352 votes but Hoffman picked up 897 more votes in LA City to lead by 545. Final ballot counting is to be done by March 13th.

Seat #3: Winner – Sydney Kamlager 50.07%

Former District Director for Holly Mitchell, Sydney Kamlager won against 3 challengers in every city but Rolling Hills (where 3rd place finisher Essavi had a mere 8 more votes.) Kamlager won over 50% of Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

Seat #7: Winner – Scott Svonkin 61.24%

Challenger Steve Schulte won 3 cities but was 592 votes short of winning out of town. Incumbant Scott Svonkin dominated with 62% of the vote in Los Angeles to handily win.

Seat #9: Winner – Mike Fong 57.49%

3rd place finisher Joyce Garcia made a very strong rally in South cities Bell, Commerce, Cudahay and Huntington Park but failed to capture majority elsewhere. Winner Mike Fong had the race’s highest margin of victory – he collected 36% more votes than 2nd place finisher John C Burke.

Other races of interest:

Hermosa Beach upheld their ban on Oil Drilling by voting “NO on Measure O” by a Four-to-One Margin. Close to 60% of voters turned out to vote.

LA had 2 charter Amendments seeking to consolidate LA City and LAUSD elections to even number years- Both passed:

Amendment 1: LA City elections – 76.93%

Amendment 2: LAUSD elections – 76.46%

In LA Council races incumbents* had no problem being re-elected and Social Justice Organizer Marqueece Harris-Dawson in District 8 was the only newcomer to win a seat outright.  With 50% of the vote was needed to win, District 4 will have a run-off May 19th as none of the 14 candidate received over 16% of the vote. District 4 second place finishers David Ryu and Tomas O’Grady are separated by 61 votes.

LA Council Districts:
District 2: Paul Krekorian* 75%
District 4: Run-off: Carolyn Ramsay vs ?
District 6: Nury Martinez* 61%
District 8: Marqueece Harris-Dawson 61%
District 10: Herb Wesson* 64%
District 12: Mitchell Englander* 100%
District 14: Jose Huizar* 66%