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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Local Elections

Three CCDC members tell why they voted to endorse Daniel Lee

Michelle Weiner: Before I share my reasons for my unbridled support of Daniel Lee, I want to acknowledge the awkward situation our Club members...

Vice Mayor Daniel Lee on policing

This is a transcript of Daniel Lee’s City Council speech on January 25: Here is a video of the speech LINK I’d like to talk...

Culver City Democratic Club endorses Daniel Lee for State Senate, 30th district

After a 90-minute candidate forum on January 26, Culver City Democratic Club members were sent ballot links by the online voting company ElectionBuddy.com. On the...

Culver City Elections: What happened?

What can we learn from the local, state and federal 2020 elections. What lessons should Democrats keep in mind as we begin preparing for the 2022 election?

Endorsement Vote Results

Election Results for January 2021 ADEM Endorsement Vote Under the CCDC bylaws,a 60 percent vote is required for a Club endorsement ElectionBuddy.com voting started on:December 18,...

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