The Case for Letting 16-Year-Olds Vote in Culver City Elections


In 2022, just 16 voters decided the future of youth enfranchisement in our city. At Vote16, our measure to expand the voting age received 49.95% of the citywide vote and more “YES”s than any city council candidate that year. The 16-vote margin, along with roughly 50% of voters not participating in the election at all, indicates that 2022’s result was inconclusive.

We think voters deserve a second chance to voice their opinion.

To get back on the ballot in 2024, we need to petition, but, we’re a student-led campaign and people under 18 aren’t allowed to collect signatures without an adult present. This is where you come in!

We hope you can pitch in to support us. Here are two forms: one if you want to independently gather signatures (personally disperse sheets among friends, family, etc.), and another if you want to canvass with us (doorknock around the city, accompanied by a student volunteer). Everything helps—we need 4,200 signatures by mid-July, which is about 160 a week!