ACT to STOP Trump’s Gag Rule on Planned Parenthood – Sign the petition


Planned Parenthood is in one of the toughest fights of its life. Trump is trying to block funding and roll back access to sexual health and reproductive health care services to some of the most needy in our community. Title X is the only federal grant program providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services. The Administration’s proposed Title X gag rule will deny critical health services to millions of women, men and families. We’re asking you to join us in standing up against Trump’s gag rule.

The current attack aims to: 1) block funding for Planned Parenthood under the Title X Family Planning Program; 2) prohibit Title X providers from referring anyone for abortion; and 3) removes existing Title X protections that ensure women have full, honest information about all of their pregnancy options, including abortion.

We are nearly halfway through the 60-day Public Comment Period. To stop the changes to Title X, part of the strategy is to ensure a broad and vocal opposition. The collective goal is to secure 1 million comments from the public. Please join Planned Parenthood and other allies by submitting your comment using the link below – it is easy and fast. Resist!

Take action now by clicking on the “Submit your comments today” link from Planned Parenthood.