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Culver City
Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Culver City Democratic Club endorses Daniel Lee for State Senate, 30th district

After a 90-minute candidate forum on January 26, Culver City Democratic Club members were sent ballot links by the online voting company ElectionBuddy.com. On the...

California Democratic Council

The Club Executive Board has voted unanimously to recommend that our Club affiliate with the California Democratic Council (Caldc). We will plan to take...

Request a ballot to vote for ADEMs by January 11

What are ADEMs and how do I register to vote in their election?

Endorsement Vote Results

Election Results for January 2021 ADEM Endorsement Vote Under the CCDC bylaws,a 60 percent vote is required for a Club endorsement ElectionBuddy.com voting started on:December 18,...

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