Legislative Update


It’s been a busy year in Sacramento. Some of the bills that our Club has been following didn’t make it out of the house of  origin and so fell by the wayside. Three important bills passed both houses. Other bills are still active and need support before August 31. Happily, our district has representation on both the Assembly and Senate appropriations committees. Contact State Senator Sydney Kamlager at (916) 651-4030 and Assembly Member Isaac Bryan at (916) 319-2054. 

Passed Both Houses 

SCA10—Amends state constitution to protect reproductive freedom. Status: will appear on the November 8 ballot as Proposition 1. 

SB245—Eliminates cost sharing in abortion services (Co-authored by Sen. Kamlager). Status: signed into law. 

AB1666—Protects California abortion providers from out-of-state civil actions. Status: signed into law as an urgency measure with immediate effect. 

In Senate Appropriations Committee —  Scheduled for Hearing 8/1/22

AB2223—Prevents prosecution of people who have suffered miscarriage or stillbirth.  

AB2091—Protects medical privacy from out-of-state subpoenas. 

AB2134—Provides gap coverage for Californians who lack abortion and contraception benefits.

In Assembly Appropriations Committee — Scheduled for Hearing 8/3/22

SB1142—Establishes a web page for centralized information on abortion care services and support. 

SB260-Climate Corporate Accountability Act—Requires disclosure of carbon footprint (received CDP endorsement in July). 

SB914-HELP (Homeless Equity for Left Behind Populations) Act—Plans to address help for domestic violence survivors. 

In Senate Governance & Finance Committee 

AB2053—The Social Housing Act (Assembly Member Alex Lee). 

In Senate Appropriations Committee—Not Scheduled 

AB1685—Forgives parking fines up to $1,500 for people experiencing homelessness (Assembly Member Bryan). 

AB2264—Will standardize pedestrian crossing signals to give pedestrians a head start. 

AB1816—Reentry housing and workforce development for the formerly incarcerated (Assembly Member Bryan). Received CDP endorsement in July. 

What’s next? 

The bills that pass both houses by August 31 will go to Governor Newsom, who will have until September 30 to sign or veto them.