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Southern California

Voters making judgements on judge candidates

California election law changed for judges this year.

About the rating system of the LA County Bar Association

Elections for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge are especially difficult races for at least two reasons

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More November 3 ballot propositions

Proposition 14 Stem cell research bond --$5.5 billion for medical research. --Continues...

Vote YES on Proposition 24

As a data privacy attorney, I reviewed the actual text of Proposition 24.

Here are the endorsements recently voted on by the California Democratic Party

YES Proposition 14 — Stem cell research funding. Proposition 15 — Changes commercial and Industrial property...

Judging the judges

The judicial races are always one of the most frustrating parts of the ballot, especially as we become more aware of the...

Prop 22— The Thing That Would Not Die

if this thing becomes law, it will be on the books until the sun sets for the last time
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