LA County DA George Gascón: Justice with safety and humanity


(There follows an excerpt from George Gascón’s
December 7 press release)

“It is time to change course and implement a system of justice that will enhance our safety and humanity,” said Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón at his oathtaking on December 7. “Today we are confronting the lie that stripping entire communities of their liberties somehow made us safer—and we are doing it with science, research, and data.” Here is the plan:

End use of money bail

The DA’s office will no longer request cash bail for any misdemeanor, non-serious or non-violent felony offense.

Conviction Integrity Unit

The DA’s office will expand eligibility for conviction review.

Death Penalty

Going forward the DA’s office will not seek the death penalty.

Felony Charging Policy

The DA’s office will end use of sentencing enhancements and “three strikes” sentencing.


The DA’s office will carry out an unprecedented effort to resentence thousands of people in prison who received sentences inconsistent with the new guidelines. This effort will include input from victims and victim advocates. The Amity Foundation in partnership with the Returning Home Well initiative has promised to assist everyone resentenced.

Misdemeanor Charging Policy

The DA’s office will stop charging certain low-level offenses associated with poverty, addiction, mental illness, and homelessness, and will work instead to divert individuals into behavioral health services.

Youth Justice

The DA’s office will end the practice of transferring kids to adult court.


Enhanced services to victims are promised. This will include services to families of individuals killed by police.

Use of Force Review Board

The DA’s office will convene a “use of force review board” made up of policing experts, civil rights attorneys and community members. 

Our new DA can’t make our reform dreams come true without our support. Let’s be there for him in this effort!