Congrats to our new AD 54 Delegates


On Sunday, January 11th, Democrats came from throughout the 54th Assembly district to elect their Assembly delegates to the California Democratic Party. The CDP Delegate election was held at Culver City’s Veteran Memorial Center in the multi-purpose room.

The 14 person progressive slate won the election. Five members of the slate are members of the Culver City Democratic Club:

  • Tom Camarella*,
  • Suzanne De Benedittis,
  • Nyabingi Kuti,
  • Stephen Murray,
  • Michelle Weiner

*Tom Camarella was voted in as the Executive Board officer.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas has said of this election and results: “I’m gratified by the vote of confidence provided by faithful Democrats in the 54th Assembly District. Party members have chosen committed delegate representatives. The election was a good first step toward broadening our party’s Assembly District Delegate leadership and diversity. ”

The full list of AD54 CDP delegates are ( in order of vote count):


  1. Jackie Hawthorne (127)
  2. Michelle Weiner (116)
  3. Celestine Palmer (116)
  4. Mary Beth Fielder (113)
  5. Dr Suzanne De Benedittis (101)
  6. Denise Collier (59)
  7. Lillian Carter (69)


  1. Tom Camarella (121)
  2. Nyabingi Kuti (99)
  3. Stephen Murray (97)
  4. Max Kanin (96)
  5. David Mielke (88)
  6. Mark Ridley-Thomas (77)
  7. Frederic MacFarlane  (60)

The alternates are:
Curt Gillette (tie)
John Jake (tie)
Deborah Manns (tie)
Velma Union (tie)