Minutes of 2/13/19 general meeting of Culver City Democratic Club


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegence to the flag.

President receives unanimous consent to run the meeting according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.

The minutes of the general meeting of January 9, 2019, are approved as corrected. 

Poetry reading in honor of Black History Month by Shannon Theus. 

Tom Camarella proposes a resolution to be adopted for Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, which is 170 miles away from LA County. The resolution calls on the state of California and PG&E to thoroughly evaluate its core for brittleness before restoring nuclear core. Robert Leahy moves that the resolution be adopted by the club. John Williams seconds. Resolution is adopted. The resolution is attached to these minutes.

A motion to endorse a resolution to support the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum is made by Donna Kent. Karim Sahli seconds the motion.

Several changes are suggested, including sending the resolution to the entire Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors instead of only to Mark Ridley-Thomas. The changes are accepted.

The Club votes to approve the resolution as amended. The resolution is attached to these minutes.

Treasurer’s report by Eric Fine: 1/31/19 ending balance $4,592.40.

Membership Secretary’s report by Diane Rosenberg: total members including all lifetime members 102.

Program for the evening: Charter Schools, The Teachers Strike, and Funding Public Education.
Featured Speakers: Jackie Goldberg, Kelly Kent and Rod Wright

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Resolution on the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant adopted by the
Culver City Democratic Club at the membership meeting of February 13, 2019:

Whereas the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant in California is just 170 miles north of the Los Angeles County line and any mishap or explosion would reach us within hours and create catastrophic and deadly consequences to LA County’s 10 million plus citizens and their property, and

Whereas PG&E has been found guilty in federal court of criminal violations stemming from the completely avoidable 2010 gas explosion and fire that killed eight (8) people in San Bruno, due to deferred maintenance and operational negligence and has been linked to 17 or more completely avoidable fires in 2017 and 2018 in northern California causing more than 80 deaths, the destruction of more than 10,000 buildings and as recently as February 8, 2019, badly maintained PG&E gas lines caused an explosion in San Francisco that destroyed five (5) buildings, which is being widely criticized for deferred maintenance, slow response time and more, and

Whereas PG&E is currently under criminal probation and in bankruptcy as a consequence of the violations and criminal negligence, and its reactor Unit One is in shut-down mode for refueling, tests for safety can be easily and cost-effectively performed within this less than 10 day open window (which hasn’t been done since 2003) and since the public trust and confidence needs to be restored,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that because PG&E is under criminal probation, and in bankruptcy, the Governor, the Legislature, the bankruptcy court, the company’s parole office, the CPUC, all relevant state agencies and the public must make refueling contingent upon subjecting the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to a wide range of independent inspections to the plant’s 1) embrittlement, 2) cracks, 3) earthquake vulnerabilities, 4) deferred maintenance, 5) radioactive waste containment/disposal, and 6) competency of this bankrupt, criminally convicted company to safely manage the two very large reactors, the state must hold public hearings involving all the above issues before PG&E inserts new fuel into the core at Unit One.

Be it further resolved,that the Culver City Democratic Club calls on other organizations, communities, and jurisdictions to join with us in this resolution by passing ASAP similar resolutions, and a copy of this resolution will be sent to the California Congressional delegation, state elected officials, the Governor and all constitutional officers.

Resolution on the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum adopted by the
Culver City Democratic Club at the membership meeting of February 13, 2019:

Whereas the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum is one of the leading collections of African American art, media and literature in the United States, with a collection of over two million rare items; and

Whereas the collection has been located in its current facility since 2006, and is an essential part of the Culver City Cultural Corridor within walking distance of thousands of students; and

Whereas the County of Los Angeles has announced plans to evict the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum from its current Culver City location in a former courthouse building; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Corresponding Secretary of the Culver City Democratic Club send a letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors strongly urging that they reconsider the plan and allow the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum to remain in its current location.