President’s Message by Bill Wynn, March 2013


I cannot express my gratitude for your faith in me once again. I’m looking forward to serving a second term as President of the Club. There are many challenges that we have to face as a community and I hope that we can come together to make Culver City the place that we love to live in. The challenges are daunting as California braces for looming U.S. budget cuts.

It is apparent to the White House and Congress that a potential fiscal crisis is inevitable unless the two parties agree to alternative ways to reduce budget deficits. Those cuts are imminent because a compromise does not seem possible. The battle lines over cuts that are scheduled to begin on March 1, known in budget talks as sequestration.

In local news a downtown plot of land considered to be one of Culver City’s cornerstones for new development is now on its way to clearing a legal hurdle that has been delaying the long awaited development which is known as Parcel B.

Also Measure Y Tax Rate Hike takes effect April 1. As you will remember Culver City residents approved the .05 percent local sales tax increase in the November 2012 elections.

I am always pleased when I see efforts that help our students improve academically. A recent study showed that Black Students in California have the highest dropout rate but not in Culver City. The study by the Education Trust-West reports California African American students demonstrate significant learning gaps that only widen with age, but those in CCUSD are doing well thanks to counseling support, a culture of expectation, and targeted action.

We are getting ready for our local election of Community College Board of Trustees on March 5th. Don’t forget our next Monthly meeting is March 13 and the meeting will be a Salute to Women’s History Month.

We trust we will see you soon.