Roe in Culver City


The 6/24 ruling decimating 49 years of protections from Roe V. Wade is heartbreaking, devastating, and dangerous. Like millions of people around the country, I find it absolutely abhorrent and unacceptable that women and those able to bear children are being stripped of their basic human rights and control over their own bodies and decisions.

Let’s be clear: 

Abortion is healthcare. Healthcare is a human right and no decision will prevent abortions from happening — the Supreme Court decision will now only ensure that in several states they will not be done safely. This decision is an intentional attack on already marginalized communities including but not limited to BIPOC, people with low incomes, people living in rural areas, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, and immigrants.

For years, we have been asking the federal government to codify Roe V. Wade and can no longer leave it up to them. The onus is on us to redouble our efforts and continue to partner with organizations like Planned Parenthood and support centers like Sandy Segal Youth Healthcare Center here in Culver City for full school-based clinic services. We have an opportunity to work together to deliver the education, resources, and skills needed to young people when making important decisions about their health, and their future.

The time is now. This is no longer a theory or prediction. We will not stop fighting, we will not stop organizing, and we will not stop protesting until every single individual in this country is empowered, protected, and given CHOICE.

I encourage you to support these local organizations that work every day to protect women and girls here in Culver City and across Los Angeles.

Sandy Segal Youth Health Center is located between Culver City Middle and High School at:

4401 Elenda Street Culver City, CA 90230

For medical services: (310) 392-8636

For mental health services: (310) 664-7788

Planned Parenthood – Basics, Baldwin Hills / Crenshaw Health Center:

3637 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016

(800) 576-5544