The Culver City Democratic Club Opposes the Criminalization of People Experiencing Homelessness


Culver City – The following resolution was adopted unanimously by the
members of the Culver City Democratic Club at their January 11 general

Whereas this Club is on record supporting a Housing First approach,

Whereas involuntary relocation, forced displacement, and contact with law enforcement (aka “sweeps”) have been proven to cause harm to people experiencing homelessness, including loss of essential items such as medications and legal documents, disconnection from jobs, schools, healthcare, and social services, and death,

Whereas 109 students in the Culver City Unified School District are known to have experienced homelessness in 2022, many of these students struggle with attendance, and sweeps will further disrupt and destabilize their lives, 

Whereas sweeps divert staff and money from effective and compassionate projects launched by previous City Councils, including safe parking, safe camping, and Project Homekey,

And whereas the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled in Martin v. Boise and subsequent decisions that it is unconstitutional to ban sleeping in public without providing adequate housing options,

Therefore, the Culver City Democratic Club endorses the statement released by Culver City Vice Mayor McMorrin and Councilmember Puza on January 11, 2023 opposing the Emergency Declaration ratified by the remainder of the City Council on January 9 and joins them in condemning the criminalization of homelessness.