Why I’m Voting for…

Member comments on our endorsed candidates:

Cynthia Hart on Sydney Kamlager for Congress

Sydney has earned my support. In the time that she has represented members of our Club in Sacramento, she has proven to be a bold and able legislator who is relentless in pursuit of social justice. (Check out her “top 10” list here.)
Some of my favorites of her “greatest hits” include:
SB1245—To fund LA County Abortion Access Safe Haven Pilot Program…

AB118—CRISES Act to scale up community-based alternatives to police…

ACA3—To abolish Involuntary Servitude inCalifornia without exception…
SB2—To give POST commission new powers to decertify peace officers for serious misconduct…
SB65—To improve maternal Care and Services…

SB1304—To increase “gate money” provided upon release to the formerly incarcerated to improve chances of successful transition thus reducing recidivism and improving public safety…

SB98—To decriminalize journalism. She provided a significant nudge to help my personal passion project SB98 on its way to enactment.
One look at her very impressive list of endorsements tells me that as soon as she gets to Washington she will have important allies ready to support her work. The list includes the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Ted Lieu, Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Jamie Raskin, and so many more! It’s a dream team!
Sydney Kamlager will serve our district well in the U.S. Congress.

Donna Kent on Brian Guerrero for School Board

Brian brings skills developed in the trenches to add to the difficult task of making sure our children get what they need from our schools. He’s easy to talk to, listens acutely and can take on the complicated issues brought on by different world views. He will do that in a way that will allow various stakeholders to feel heard and honored. I’m truly excited to support this unique candidate.

Kelly Kent on Alex Fisch for City Council

I can say many things about why I am voting for Alex Fisch, but I’m going to focus here on the environment. If you have the pleasure of knowing Alex personally or as a council member, you know that Alex loves planet earth. It’s not that he loves the earth more than he loves people. It’s that he loves people enough to fight for their mother, and he loves their mother earth so much that it lives in all he does.
Alex is giving all he has for this damn planet.
This amazing public servant sees how dire our circumstances are and devotes so much of his intellect and optimism to us, to our future, to our children’s future. We are incredibly lucky to have him and we are lucky that he is willing to run for a second term.
I am in a good position to know what has to be withstood by the partners and families in this town when we run for office and work to change the status quo. I see that Alex and his family have made tremendous sacrifices. I also know he wouldn’t run again and family wouldn’t support him running for re-election, if he and they didn’t think it would make such an important difference.
Nations are under water right now. Climate refugees are being bussed and flown to “sanctuary states” right now because of what our generation and the ones just before did and did not do. States are losing coastlines and forests. Zombie ice is a scientific term right now (look it up).
Alex’s bold leadership on climate means that Culver City has led the county and the state on stopping urban oil drilling. Our planning commission apparently just led the state on eliminating parking minimums. We can do this hard thing of leading on housing and mobility for the sake of both people and the planet. We will do it by helping Mr. Fisch house people and give them choices about how to be mobile. But Alex cannot do it without us.
We must put our energies into supporting the candidate who has the expertise and the experience, but also the passion and the boldness to address the realities of what we’ve been complicit in. Your neighbors need to know why Alex is your candidate.
Electing Alex Fisch to City Council will keep Culver City at the front of the fight to interrupt humankind’s destruction of the climate. We will continue to watch the region and state follow and, with any luck, the nation.

George Montgomery on Alex Fisch for City Council

I’m voting for Alex because he does the hard work. He is tireless and committed. He’s holistic and smart with his approach and thoughtful with his words. He listens to the community, is studied on the agenda, and prepared for discussion while always relentlessly pushing to manifest realistic and productive solutions. He’s not afraid to lead into new territory and wants to make the city the best it can be for the most people.
This is a complicated moment and my preference is for someone who has mastered the issues by putting in the time. Voting for progress and action is far superior to endless study, postponement and starting over. We’re in a time when a lot of anger is projected into every discussion. Alex does not do this. His positions are reflective and driven by reason and empathy. He is persistent with his focus on measurable progress. He cares, wants to do good, and is not deterred by pessimism. He is an optimist who is always looking forward. He gets the work done.
I’m also voting for Alex because he is a Democrat. The City Council is a nonpartisan office, but a true indicator of where a candidate stands is still their party affiliation. An independent or “decline to state” are those things. If a candidate doesn’t choose to represent themselves as a Democrat it’s because they are not one.
This is not a problem with Alex, it’s very clear. When others claim they’re independent because they want to bring people together, well they can do that and still be registered as a Democrat.
Alex has been on council and served as Mayor in one of the most difficult times in our city’s history. He not only brings his experience as a deputy attorney general for the State of California, He brings four years of knowledge as a working City Council person. Culver City needs this continuity of experience to adapt and evolve our city with the times.
Alex Fisch is a truly authentic and passionate public servant. He’s a great husband, father and friend. He has served us with integrity, innovation and honesty. His list of accomplishments during his first term is exemplary.
This is not the time to let negative campaigns of fear and anger mislead us into moving backwards. When we see that kind of opposition it’s crucial to recognize where we’ve seen it before and how that went.
Vote for a Democrat by voting for Harden “Alex” Fisch until November 8th, 2022.

Claudia Vizcarra on Alex Fisch for City Council

I am voting for Alex Fisch for Culver City Council because he brings to our community a level of experience that is essential on a council that is dealing with the dramatic changes our community is facing. Alex brings the level of expertise and preparation to policy deliberations that is needed for the difficult challenges we face. And yet, he is also able to communicate clearly with community members about these issues, which is an essential part of effective governance.

Claudia Vizcarra on Freddy Puza for City Council

Voting for Freddy Puza is easy. He brings to our community the experience, the knowledge and the skill that we need to make sure that Culver City can become the forward looking city we all want to live in.

Claudia Vizcarra on Brian Guerrero for School Board

I am voting for Brian Guerrero because he brings the experience, the knowledge, the expertise, and the heart, to help us navigate school policy discussions that require careful consideration. Brian understands that our diverse school population and community needs to be listened to, and brought into the folds to truly ensure that our our students achieve their full potential.

Claudia Vizcarra on Stephanie Loredo for School Board

I am supporting Stephanie Loredo for Culver City School Board because she brings an informed, level-headed and compassionate approach to school policy and practice. She’s the kind of leader we need at this time.

Danny Young on Alex Fisch and Freddy Puza for City Council

During the last heat wave the thermostat in our living room read 90 degrees. The old and aging building that we rent is already barely adequate to sustain the hot summers, and the summers are only getting worse from here. Alternative housing options are completely out of reach for us and still, amidst the shocking increase in homelessness, we have to consider ourselves lucky to have a home at all! The reason I support Alex and Freddy for City Council is because they understand that these problems are all connected. Not just that, but they support the academically based policies which will fix them. Clear stated policies that will increase housing production, protect renters, expand public transportation services and more. These policies upset some people. Frankly, we don’t have time to coddle them. Whether we like it or not, change is coming to Culver City. Change can be scary but I’m not scared. I’m excited to see what’s new! Now is our chance to create a leading equitable city that welcomes everyone proudly. With Alex and Freddy on our City Council, we’ll have the leadership capable of meeting this challenge. Unfortunately, the alternative is an exclusionary business-lead city that protects the wealthy while charging head-first into more climate disaster. If, like me, you feel like helping to save our neighbors and save the world, then please join me in voting for Alex Fisch and Freddy Puza for Culver City City Council.