California Democratic Council


The Club Executive Board has voted unanimously to recommend that our Club affiliate with the California Democratic Council (Caldc). We will plan to take up this item at our next business meeting.

The Caldc is sometimes called the “Club of Clubs” because it functions in the statewide Party as a big umbrella of Democratic Clubs. 

It has been around providing support for Democratic Clubs since 1952. (John F. Kennedy himself credited them with helping him get elected.) Today they are working to expand their services to Clubs such as providing a leadership manual for Clubs, free web hosting, workshops, recruiting a speaker’s bureau and providing enlarged zoom access. 

There are no dues or fees for affiliation. They rely on enthusiastic volunteers and voluntary contributions. 

Here is their mission statement:

Mission Statement of the California Democratic Council (source:

The California Democratic Council (CDC) provides a network of various resources and services to ensure Democratic Clubs serve every California Democrat. We advocate for all clubs and central committees to have a voice at the state level. The CDC helps affiliated Democratic Clubs and Central Committees in the development and advocacy of platform items and resolutions, as well as organize and grow through training, skill building, intra club collaboration, and candidate development.