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Culver City
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Rapid Response

Los Angeles DA George Gascón will speak at our March 10 General Meeting

Gascón was elected in November 2020 with a commanding 66% of Culver City's votes, on a platform of rethinking public safety, prosecuting police violence, and undoing...

February 10 General Meeting Program

Our speaker for Black History Month is Akili, of Black Lives Matter. A couple of the topics that may come up are: • The January...

Three CCDC members tell why they voted to endorse Daniel Lee

Michelle Weiner: Before I share my reasons for my unbridled support of Daniel Lee, I want to acknowledge the awkward situation our Club members...

Culver City Democratic Club endorses Daniel Lee for State Senate, 30th district

After a 90-minute candidate forum on January 26, Culver City Democratic Club members were sent ballot links by the online voting company ElectionBuddy.com. On the...

Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Residents

Adopted by the Culver City Democratic Club at its January 13, 2021 meeting Whereas the 2020 National Platform of the Democratic Party calls for the...

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