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Culver City
Friday, September 18, 2020

Our Endorsements for the 2020 Presidential Elections

President and Vice President:
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

US Congress: Karen Bass

State Assembly: Sydney Kamlager

LA County Supervisor: Holly Mitchell

LA County District Attorney: George Gascón

City Council of Culver City

Yasmine-Imani McMorrin

Freddy Puza

Darrel Menthe

Culver City School Board

Kelly Kent

Paula Amezola de Herrera


Yes on Proposition 14

Yes on Proposition 15

Yes on Proposition 16

Yes on Proposition 17

Yes on Proposition 18

Yes on Proposition 19

NO on Proposition 20

Yes on Proposition 21

NO on Proposition 22

Yes on Proposition 23

Yes on Proposition 24

Yes on Proposition 25

Yes on LA County Measure J

NO on Culver City Measure B

Yes on Culver City Measure RE



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Our Endorsements for the 2020 Presidential Elections

President and Vice President:Joe Biden and...

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