Minutes of November 13, 2019, General Meeting Rotunda Room — Veteran’s Memorial Building


Call to order: 7:08pm 

Pledge of Allegiance – led by Jeanna Harris

Minutes from October meeting are approved.

President Pete Rockwell proposes that we postpone voting for District Attorney until December’s meeting. 

Pat Levinson attended this meeting with the intention to vote

Cynthia Hart: We didn’t know that we would be blessed with so many candidates to come and speak. We now do not have the time to vote for DA.

Suzanne Bennedettis. She would like more time to vet the candidates.

Tom Camarella amends the motion so that we listen to the DA candidates tonight, but wait to cast our endorsement till December. It’s seconded. Motion is approved. The endorsement vote for DA will happen next month. 

Jane motions that we endorse by acclamation for Karen Bass for Congress, Sydney Kamlager-Dove for Assembly, and Loraine Lundquist for LA City Council. Rick Tuttle seconds. A vote is held. It’s unanimous, Karen Bass, Sydney Kamlager-Dove, and Loraine Lundquist are endorsed by acclamation. 

Paula Ramirez moves that we table the Supervisor’s race. Seconded by Robert Neff 

Point of discussion:
Jeanna: our endorsement has been set for many months. The Club agreed to do it in November and now here we are on finally our voting day, we need to move forward. 

Robert Neff would like to make sure every candidate is heard.

Rick Tuttle we heard from many of the candidates.  

Khin Khin: we’ve been hosting supervisorial candidates since the summer so that we can vote all tonight.

A vote is held. There were only 2 who voted on delaying it. Motion denied. 

Nominating Committee
Pete appoints Tom Camarella and Khin Khin Gyi to the committee. He takes nominations from the floor to join the committee. Cynthia nominates Leah Pressman. Shannon seconds. Khin Khin nominates Pat Levinson who declines. Cynthia Hart nominates Karim Sahli. The nomination is seconded. Tom Camarella nominates Darryl Cherness. He declines. Carlene Brown nominates herself. Ronnie seconds. Rick Tuttle moves we close the nominations. 3 people have been nominated in addition to the two appointed by the President. We vote on those nominations. It’s unanimous: Leah Presseman, Carlene Brown, Karim Sahli have been elected, and Tom Camarella (chair) and Khin Khin Gyi were appointed to the Nominating Committee by the President. 

Eric Fine Treasure’s report ending balance $7,348.21

Questions about the budget come up. We don’t have enough to do 2 mailers so the Club will need to raise roughly $10,000

District Attorney candidates. 

Richard Ceballos

George Gascon 

Rachel Rossi 

The Club votes for presidential candidates. No candidate makes it to 60%. A runoff vote will be had in December for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or No Endorsment.

Meeting adjourns at 10:45pm