President’s Message by Bill Wynn, March 2012


I feel privileged to be able to address the members of the Culver City Democratic Club at this great time in ours Club’s history. Last month we had the opportunity to celebrate our Club’s 60th anniversary. We also had our 2012 Officer Installation and Awards Luncheon when we awarded California State Controller, John Chiang our “Elected Leader of the Year” award. In addition, it was a privilege to honor all the past Presidents of the Culver City Democratic Club that were in attendance at our anniversary event. As I think about these events and write these words I have to share with you that this is a meaningful moment for me personally because I feel that I have earned your vote of confidence.

The Club and I will be up to the challenge of working as a team, caring for the community, and meeting our goals. With dedication and endless enthusiasm I’m certain that we will face and overcome the challenges ahead of us. Every endeavor begins with the first step and with that in mind we will work day by day, and week by week to make a difference at the local, state and at the national levels. We can play a significant role in helping elect solid candidates to our city council, state legislature, Congress, and in re-electing President Obama.

My vision of change is clear and unwavering. We will strive to recruit and welcome new members to our Club. The youth are of utmost importance because the future is theirs and we want them to understand how important their vote is. As we continue to expand I will encourage the club to take advantage of the social networking opportunities utilizing the new technology that will help to grow the membership of our club. I would like us to use new ways to register Democrats and get them to vote on election day.