President’s Message by Bill Wynn, September 2012


On August 30th Mitt Romney officially accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President… earlier Paul Ryan accepted as Vice-President candidate. The New York Times called it “mean- spirited,” “aggressive,” and “intolerant.” The Los Angeles Times reported that it was “written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.”

On national television, the week of the Republican Convention, the Republicans tried to convince voters that the Romney-Ryan ticket is on the side of working class people. One of first actions by President Mitt Romney and a Republican Congress will be the approval of the radical “Ryan Budget” championed at the convention.

From Medicare to Social Security, health care to education, this budget will cut to the bone some of our most basic government services, while not asking for a dime more from the wealthiest Americans. President Obama called it what it is “A Trojan Horse”. Disguised as a deficit reduction plan, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country.

Here’s just a snapshot of what Mitt Romney’s platform calls for:

Turn Medicare into a voucher program to buy private insurance, forcing seniors to pay more out of their pockets for their health care costs.

Outlaw all abortions without exception for rape or incest.

Ban marriage equality and reject civil unions of all kinds.

Lose protection of the mortgage interest deduction for middle-class families, if Romney enacts his tax plan, even though the deduction helps more than 30 million middle- class families.

Kill investments in clean energy jobs and reject the wind production tax credit, which would cost up to 37,000 American jobs.

“Intolerant” and “mean-spirited” sounds about right to me.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are in lockstep with this platform, but pay close attention, as they go and they to sell, their Republican Party platform to the voters. They will be filling their free airtime with false promises and baseless attacks on President Obama.

Romney touts himself as a businessman who created jobs and will look out for the interests of everyday Americans. However, as the candidate who proclaimed, “Corporations are people, too!” and as a corporate buyout specialist, Romney gladly cut American jobs, slashed payrolls, sent work overseas, and shielded money in offshore accounts at the expense of the Americans who were served pink slips and taxpayers who had to make up for the loss in jobs and tax dollars.

The Republican Party wants nothing short of full control of our federal government. You and I know that America cannot afford to stumble down that path once again. The Republicans ran our government, our economy, and our international standing into the ditch then, and they will do it again if given the opportunity. It is no exaggeration to say that this year’s election will determine the course of our Country for decades to come.

This year’s election will also be historic due to the amount of money that will be spent. Thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which opened up unrestricted special interest support for campaigns, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are poised to pull in a record sum of campaign cash from right-wing special interest groups that are already pouring money supporting the GOP.

We must pull out all the stops in our efforts to mobilize, register, volunteer for phone banking, and get our supporters to the polls. Together we can win the majority this November and work with President Obama to move American forward and reignite the American Dream.