Register by Jan. 11 to vote for delegates to CADEM Convention


Register to vote for your representatives to the California Democratic Party convention.

Instead of the controlled chaos of prior year’s ADEM elections, we will vote safer at home by mail this time. But first you have to register no later than January 11, 2021 in order to get a ballot. But why wait? The State Party has made it really easy to register online! Those who are unable to register online can request a ballot by calling (916) 442-5707. 

To register online, just go to this link, then enter:

• Your name (as you registered to vote)
    (check your name as registered)

• Your address (as you registered to vote)

• Your date of birth

• Your email address

• Your mobile phone number

You will then be challenged to prove that you are not a robot by clicking on all the boxes that have pictures of traffic lights or some such nonsense. Click on “Register to Vote in an Adems Election.”

What’s next? This is the important part. You should receive an email confirming your registration and giving you a code number. Don’t lose that number! Your ballot is not valid without it.

Your Scantron ballot will be mailed to you and must be returned by January 27, 2021. (Mail by Jan. 24 to arrive by Jan. 27.)

That’s if all goes well. But what if it doesn’t? Say, for example, the name and address you enter doesn’t exactly match your voter registration? Then contact the party at, and it can all be straightened out. 

Thank you for participating. Happy New Year!