All you need to know about the Statewide Ballot Propositions… And more!


At our August 12, 2020, general meeting, members reported on statewide ballot propositions and on local Culver City Measure RE.

Table of content

3:50 Proposition 16
9:07 Proposition 17
15:50 Proposition 14
25:27 Proposition 18
28:00 Proposition 19
35:10 Proposition 20
39:00 Proposition 22
44:29 Proposition 23
55:30 Proposition 24 (refer to website)
54:40 Proposition 25
1:02:10 Culver City Property Transfer Tax

Business Meeting

1:12:38 Business Meeting Starts
1:15:41 Financial Report
1:16:47 Membership
1:22:04 Announcements
1:29:15 CCDC Vice-President Election
1:39:28 Adjourn meeting in memory of Congressman John Lewis

Links and comments from the zoom chat

00:19:17 William Herrera: Proposition 16 — Affirmative Action NY Times: Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago…

00:38:50 Leah Pressman: “Proposition 17: Would allow parolees to vote There is a big difference between probation and parole in criminal justice and, at least in California, when it comes to having the right to vote. Probation is part of the sentence handed down and often allows those convicted of a felony to avoid time behind bars; parole begins upon release from prison, in advance of when the sentence ends. But the California Constitution allows someone on probation to vote, while removing the voting rights of a parolee until the time of parole has been completed. This proposal, placed on the ballot by the Legislature, would remove that restriction and allow a person on parole to vote. Rules barring parolees from voting vary by state, though the trend has been toward restoring those rights. A survey conducted by a pro-voting rights group last year estimated that the ban on parolees voting in elections affects about 40,000 Californians.”

00:38:58 Leah Pressman:…

00:52:42 Leah Pressman: Discussion of Prop 21 by Susie Shannon and Alfred Twu at the Democratic club: Daniel Lee: One of the arguments in favor for landlords for prop 21 is that it would repeal Costa Hawkins so buildings built after 1995 would also be subject to local rent control so the burden is shared between older landlords and the new buildings going up around the county

01:11:34 Haifaa Moammar: SB 10-California

01:12:17 Leah Pressman: Here is Meghan Sahli-Wells on the local anti-rent control bill:

01:16:08 Leah Pressman: Riva (Roberta) Goldman: Re:impact of being imprisoned due to not being able to afford bail is covered in the Netflix documentary…..The Kalief Browder Story about a teenager who was held in Rikers prison partially due to bail issues

01:18:19 Riva (Roberta) Goldman: People who can’t afford to pay their bail sometimes plead guilty because they will get out of prison sooner than if they wait for a trial.

01:22:44 Cynthia Hart: Follow us on Twitter @CulvCityDemClub

01:23:52 Disa Lindgren: The Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) which our Vice Mayor Alex Fisch spoke in favor of, is actually quite modest. (I agree with Karim.) It is a mansion tax and will not change things for the majority of homeowners who sell. But it will provide much needed revenue to our city. We need funds for the city to function properly. I thank our Vice Mayor for his leadership on the RPTT and getting it on the ballot for us to vote on on Nov. 3.

01:25:07 Jeanna Harris (She/Her/Troublemaker): Alfred Twu:…

01:43:44 Jeanna Harris (She/Her/Troublemaker): Single Payer Healthcare Panel: August 15th 2pm-3:30pm. Sign up here…

01:44:06 Haifaa Moammar: Thanks, Jeanna. Here to have it become a reality.

01:44:38 Jeanna Harris (She/Her/Troublemaker): It’s going to be the battle of a lifetime, but People Power will win!!! 01:45:49 Cynthia Hart: Non members are welcome to come to our Virtual School Board Candidate event on August 22nd. Just RSVP to our Club email and I will send you the link.

01:49:29 Jeanna Harris (She/Her/Troublemaker): Get featured at the convention by adding your story..

01:50:25 Jeanna Harris (She/Her/Troublemaker): Convention schedule:…