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School Board Candidate Forum

This Saturday, August 22, each of the six candidates running for the two open seats on the Culver City Unified School District Governing Board had half an hour to talk about why they are running for the Board and answer questions from voters.

Schoolboard Candidate Forum


00:00 Anne Allaire
29:01 Paula Amezola De Herrera
1:01:18 Lauren Jagnow
1:30:17 Tiffany Spellman
1:59:00 Scott Zeidman
2:30:00 Kelly Kent

Anne Allaire

Anne Allaire

“These social turbulent times have presented us the opportunity to reshape equity and education. It is my top priority to ensure that we do not squander this opportunity and ensure that each student is served in the best capacity based on their individual needs. I plan to support the progress and success our district has achieved. I am excited about the direction the district is headed, with a strong focus on equity, family/community engagement, and preparing students for their future. It is important to me that we keep the education, safety, and well-being of each student at the forefront of our decisions while also being good financial stewards of our school district.”

Paula Amezola De Herrera

Paula Amezola De Herrera

“I’m a first-generation bilingual bicultural Latina with an 18-year career in epidemiology dedicated to improving the health of underserved communities. As a parent of two CCUSD students and as someone who earned a B.S. from UC Davis and an M.P.H from UCLA despite the many inequities I faced, I saw how supportive teachers can make all the difference. My history left me determined to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in our school district so every student receives a high-quality education. I’m committed to working together to build a community of learning for all, where our budget reflects our values.”

Lauren Jagnow

Lauren Jagnow

“As CCUSD continues to react to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide social uprisings, I want to help our district seize this moment and push even harder to ensure every student reaches their full potential. I’m the mom of two students, and I am a parent leader and advocate for students, serving on the PTA, Equity Advisory Council, Safe Routes to School Committee, Master Plan Core Planning Group and El Rincon’s Inclusion Committee. I’m also a lunchtime supervisor at El Rincon. As a school board member, I will represent all of our district’s stakeholders, especially those who struggle to be heard.”

Tiffany Spellman

Tiffany Spellman

“I am a candidate for the Culver City Unified School District Governing Board because I believe providing all students a high-quality education, inclusive of parent and community participation, is essential. As Culver City faces the challenges of distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that we work together to ensure the health and safety of students, families, the community, and district personnel. Whether we remain at home or are in the classroom, I am dedicated to facilitating the changes needed to ensure all students have access to relevant, personalized, and forward-thinking educational opportunities.”

Scott Zeidman

Scott Zeidman

“The best way to invest in our future is to ensure our students receive the highest quality education possible, even during these challenging and uncertain times. That means electing a school board that demonstrates strong leadership by tackling tough issues, practicing fiscal responsibility, and by creating a healthy and safe learning environment. I’ve lived in Culver City since the 4th grade. I purchased a home here in large part due to our great schools. I helped successfully guide CCUSD through troubling times from 2007-2011, and I am now running to help guide the District through the difficult times we now face.”

Kelly Kent

Kelly Kent

“I have a passion for the science of education, 5 years of experience on the school board, and an unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion.

I also view the current moment as one for reimagining our schools.

Meeting each individual student’s needs requires a racial justice framework. I will use this framework to address the greatest needs first and foremost. It will inform recruitment and retainment of staff, our engagement of both students and families in decision-making, and it will guide a long-overdue shift in our K-12 curriculum toward one where students can see themselves reflected in the academic content.”


  1. Here is the text of an email I received from Culver City School Board candidate Lauren Jagnow shortly after our forum ended on August 22, 2020:
    Dear Pete,
    Thank you and your club so much for the opportunity to speak with you today. I really enjoyed the conversation. Please let your members know that my proverbial door is always open, should anyone have further questions or feedback. They can reach me via email at lauren4ccusd@gmail.com.


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