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Voter Resources from the Steering Committee to Protect California Ballots

SOS: Hand deliver your mail-in ballot Because of the giant mess the US Postal Service is in, we urge you to hand deliver your mail-in...


Make a Plan, Stan! Hi, Voters!  Are you getting ready to make your Plan to Vote in the November election?  Me too!  I’ve just been...

President’s Message by Sylvia Moore, November 2015

Democracy in California just took a huge leap forward. In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed our state’s new "Motor Voter Program," a law that could...

First Vice President’s Message by Sylvia Moore, October 2014

Twenty fourteen marks yet another year where we Democrats are wringing our hands over whether enough of our supporters will turn out to vote...

Different Perspectives on Getting out the Vote at October’s Meeting

Our meeting in October will feature a number of speakers presenting their suggestions and perspectives on getting out the vote for November's election. One of...

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