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Vote YES on Proposition 24

As a data privacy attorney, I reviewed the actual text of Proposition 24. Even though most of my clients are small businesses (which are not affected by the California Consumer Privacy Act or Proposition 24) I think Proposition 24, although not perfect, is a vast improvement over CCPA. It reflects the same broad approaches to privacy as are contained in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. I respect the ACLU and Consumer Federation, but their description of Proposition 24 is not accurate, and their opposition is not grounded on facts. Proposition 24, which was authored by the founders of DuckDuckGo (they also created CCPA) covers and protects consumer rights much more broadly than CCPA and eliminates many of its flaws in a manner that reflects how data actually flows. It is usually not sold, it is shared. Proposition 24 gives consumers more control and more rights, including protecting your data in your household from your roommates. Best of all, unlike most other propositions, the legislature can amend it by a majority as long as it furthers the purposes of protecting consumer privacy.

Proposition 24 increases online privacy

–Allows people to opt out of additional types of data collection, such as their location.

–Requires opt-in to collect data on people under 16.

–Limits what data can be stored, and increases penalties for security breaches.

–For more information go to BALLOTPEDIA


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