Here are the endorsements recently voted on by the California Democratic Party



Proposition 14 — Stem cell research funding.

Proposition 15 — Changes commercial and Industrial property tax to be based on current value rather than the price paid at the time of purchase.

Proposition 16 — Allows affirmative action.

Proposition 17 — Allows people on parole to vote.

Proposition 18— Allows people age 17 to vote in the primary if they’ll turn 18 by the November election.

Proposition 19 — Raises property taxes on inherited property unless someone lives in it; keeps property taxes low when movingto a new home for  people over 55, with a severe disability, or affected by wildfires.

Proposition 21 — allows cities to strengthen rent control.

Proposition 23 — Requires doctors at dialysis centers, limits closures of dialysis centers unless state approves.

Proposition 25 — Replaces money bail with a risk assessment system.


Proposition 20 — Increases penalties and prison sentences for some crimes.

Proposition 22 — Allows delivery and ride apps such as Uber to classify drivers as independent contractors who aren’t covered by minimum wage laws or benefits.


Proposition 24 — Increases online consumer privacy requirements.