“Why I Voted to Endorse…”

[Members were invited to write about a particular candidate they voted to endorse for the June primary]

I support Eric Strong for Sheriff because I believe he is the kind of law enforcement officer who knows how to re-earn the trust of the community. He has successfully led investigations into incidents involving deputy gangs. He has been a crime victim himself and has a family member who has been incarcerated and been a victim of police violence.
—Cynthia Hart

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is in a long-term crisis. Alex Villanueva ran in 2018 as a reformer, earned our endorsement, and became the first Democratic Sheriff in over 100 years. However, once in office, he made a hard right turn: ignoring mask mandates, defying the Board of Supervisors, harassing the unhoused (even in cities with their own police), abusing the press, and refusing to acknowledge the existence of violent gangs among his deputies. Most of Villanueva’s challengers visited our Club and, after spending that time with them, I am convinced Eric Strong is the best choice. Several of the others refused to admit deputy gangs exist or to call them “gangs.” Strong is the only candidate with a record of breaking up these groups and disciplining their members. He’s also the only candidate who supports giving the Board of Supervisors the power to fire the Sheriff.
—Jeff Schwartz

I voted to endorse Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner because I was impressed with his story about hearing from his Assembly District constituents about their insurance issues in the wake of the terrible fires. I know people who were similarly impacted, and are still dealing with insurance problems. He has a plan and his Couragescore indicates follow-through (B last session, now A+). His opponent is embroiled in issues around accepting campaign money from lobbyists and blocking efforts to access records.
—Michelle Weiner