Prop 22— The Thing That Would Not Die


Uber, Lyft, and their allies have spent a great deal of money to get Prop 22 on the ballot. Not nearly as much as it’s estimated they would owe to the State Unemployment Insurance Fund! But a great deal of money. So they have no intention of having to refight the same battle again. They have tucked a little “immortality” clause into their initiative. Article 9-Amendment Section 7465 (a) describes how Prop 22 could be amended. It can’t. Not without “…a statute passed in each house of the Legislature by roll call vote entered into the journal seven-eighths of the membership concurring…”. Section 7465 (b) makes this retroactive to October 29, 2019. 

So if this thing becomes law, it will be on the books until the sun sets for the last time on our dear Bear Flag Republic. Is this really a good idea? Are you sure?